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Our Vision

Greater St John Bible Church, we envision a vibrant community deeply rooted in the transformative purposes and mission of our church. Our vision is clear and compelling.

We are dedicated to:

1. Winning Lost Souls: We passionately reach out to those who are lost, sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, and welcoming them into the embrace of our church family.

2. Training Disciples: We equip and empower saved individuals, nurturing their faith and
providing them with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to actively engage in the mission of
winning souls for Christ.

3. Growing in Christ-Likeness: We cultivate a congregation where spiritual growth is a
continuous journey. Through prayer, study, and community, we encourage each member to
reflect the character of Christ, fostering a deepening relationship with God.

4. Creating Dynamic Worship Experiences: We craft vibrant and inspiring weekly worship
services that serve as a beacon of God's love. Through heartfelt worship, uplifting messages,
and genuine fellowship, we share and show the boundless love of Jesus to all, fostering a sense
of belonging, healing, and hope.

Together, we embrace our vision, united in faith, love, and purpose, striving to make a significant
impact in our community and beyond. With God's grace and guidance, we continue to transform lives, one soul at a time, for His glory."

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